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Goflyff is a version 19 server with many features.

    GM application IIMaryII


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    GM application IIMaryII Empty GM application IIMaryII

    Post  mary09 Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:14 am

    Real Name: Mary Grace Silvano
    In-Game Name:IIMaryII
    Location:Albeura Leyte

    How many years do you play flyff?:
    :i played flyff it almost 2 years or 3 im so young to play that game but i love flyff..

    Do you have an experience being a GM?:
    Probably yes, i have many server that i'm gm like Reverence Flyff,express flyff, Exclusiveflyff Endurance flyff, Unlimitedflyff.
    but your experience dont have effect at my performance it's in you if you can discipline the players or not

    How many hours are you online everyday?:
    if have Class: 3-5hours in weekend: 15/7
    How can you help the server?
    i cant help of your server is to recruite players and i can fix the bugs or something

    Contribution to the server?
    Balance between donor and non donors more fun community helping newbies on shops hunt able items and etc... Have enough patience for players and most important is FUN IN EVENTS FUN EVERYDAY FUN ANYWHERE FUN SEVER AND ALOT MORE FUN THINGS.

    Good Luck To mE Smile

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