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Goflyff is a version 19 server with many features.

    Suggestion for vote points and installer


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    Suggestion for vote points and installer Empty Suggestion for vote points and installer

    Post  rebel28 Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:37 am

    To admin and staff

    please include a section where the players will see the available vote points they have so we will know how to spend it.

    i also suggest to add an item shop where we can purchase using vote points. since this is a new server, it will help you guys to be on the top of the private servers

    I'm a newbie on these server so im looking forward to enjoy this game after i downloaded it.

    and please add an instruction guide on how to install or how to download and use all the rar file of the game..

    much better if you'll create a client installer (.exe installer) rendeer

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